Our museum provides services for the restoration of wooden furniture!

If an expensive interior item has lost its former shine and novelty, our experienced master will change it beyond recognition. Restoration of furniture to our craftsmen eliminates such defects as: various scuffs and deep scratches, damage to varnish coatings, stains left from cups with hot liquid, all kinds of operational damage and defects. We offer the following types of work on the restoration of your furniture: polishing, varnishing, patinating, if necessary, you can give the object an aging effect. We only carry out the restoration of wooden furniture, i.e. an object made of pure wood, without various stickers that imitate the image of a tree, possibly veneer. Each piece of furniture has a different degree of wear( damage), so the price for the restoration of furniture is set individually after a visual inspection of the problem areas. For more information, please call:

+375 17 517-76-13