The permanent exhibition "Trading shop of the late XIX-early XX century" reveals the theme of small-scale trade in the towns of Belarus in the second half of the XIX-early XX century. At that time, trade was well developed in Zaslavl, which had the status of a small town: local fairs were held every week, large ones were held several times a year. In addition to fairs in the town during the late XIX - early XX from 10 to 15 small shops. At that time, all of them belonged to Jews and were located mainly in private homes. According to archival materials, five shops in Zaslavl sold various small goods and tobacco, and one shop sold bread. J. Suller's shop stood out, where they sold cloth, glass, porcelain dishes, and various products.

The museum "Trading Shop" presents the main goods that were used in the daily life of the population of the town. On the shelves you can see various dishes: brass and copper trays, pans, pots, colanders, cups, cup holders, pots, biklags, kettles and samovars. The exhibition also presents dishes made by the "Partnership of M. S. Kuznetsov" - one of the largest porcelain and faience manufacturers of the late XIX-early XX centuries.

Candles and, accordingly, candlesticks, all kinds of lighting devices were in great demand among the residents of Zaslavl at the end of the XIX-early XX century.candles and, accordingly, candlesticks, all kinds of lighting devices: table and hanging kerosene lamps, lanterns "bat" and railwayman. In the shop of that time, it was possible to purchase various heating devices for their intended purpose: primuses, irons (bronze, cast iron), which are also shown in the exposition.

On the authentic shelves there are essential goods that were on sale: soap, matches, as well as tea, coffee, sugar, salt, cereals, spices, etc.

A special section of the exhibition is devoted to the trade in fabrics, clothing, shoes that existed in the designated period. Women of different ages could please themselves with shawls of any style and for any occasion: different colors, with embroidery and printed, with fringe and without it, made of wool, cotton, staple - these hats adorn the exhibition and attract the attention of museum visitors.

The museum "Trading shop of the late XIX-early XX century" it was opened in September 2018 and is the first museum in Belarus dedicated to small-town trade.