The museum was opened in September 2005 in the building of the Zaslavsky forestry.

The exhibition begins with a gallery of mythical images embodied in vytinankas (paper-cut paintings) by L. Chervontseva. They contain images of mythological characters who, according to our ancestors, inhabited the surrounding world. The gallery slowly directs visitors to an unusual museum hall filled with mysterious, magical sounds of nature.

The small space of the museum is conditionally divided into two halves by a path. On the one hand, there is a mythical forest, from the darkness of which the Goblin – the guardian of the forest looks like. Next to him is an old man from the Forest, right there on the Great Stone the tsar sleeps for supper. A Boggler stuck his terrible head out of the swamp, and a mermaid is sitting on a tree above him. From his corner, a wolfman-a werewolf-is closely watching everyone, who takes the form of a wolf for a certain time.

Next to the mythical characters, birds and animals — the inhabitants of a real forest-get along peacefully.

The path leads to the forester's hut, in which the guests are met by the good keeper of the hearth, the Brownie, at the stove.

The only Children's Museum of Mythology and Forest in Belarus does not leave anyone indifferent – neither children nor adults.

You can order a visit to the museum and buy tickets only at the museum and exhibition complex at the address 4, Rynochnaya str., Zaslavl.